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Driving Lessons in Cork

✔ We Cover All Test Routes in Cork City (Sarsfield Road-Wilton, Ballincollig)
✔ Regular driving lessons and Pre-test lessons are available.
✔ We will collect you for your lesson (within 10km of the city)

 95% of Our Pre-Test Lesson Students Pass Their Driving Test on Their First Try

Learn the skills to drive safely, competently and confidently for the rest of your life…
…and maximise your chance of passing your test on the first attempt!




For Beginner / Regular Driving Lessons, Call Michael O’Brien on 089 255 8454

For Pre-Test Lessons, Call Dermot Mills on 085 714 7089


Our instructors are fully qualified members of the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM). Lessons are structured in a friendly, relaxed, and easy format so you can build your confidence without pressure or stress.


Regular lesson: €50
Pre-test lesson: €50
12 Lesson Package: €500
Discounted trial lesson: €30 (available on request)



For Pre-Test Lessons Contact Dermot on 085 714 7089

For Beginner / Regular Driving Lessons Call Michael O’Brien on 089 255 8454


Our Driving Instructors

Beginners Lessons & Driving Instruction

If you’re an absolute beginner or if you have some experience but need a few more lessons before you’re ready for your test, Michael O’Brien is here to help you gain the confidence you need. You can speak with Michael to arrange your first lesson on 089 255 8454

Pre-Test Driving Lessons and Regular Lessons

Dermot provides Pre-Test Lessons (as well as regular lessons). Dermot will help maximise your chance of passing your test. That means getting that final polish, gaining confidence in all areas of your driving, and smoothing out any lingering habits so that you are best positioned to pass the test on your first attempt.


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Why We're One Of Cork's Top Schools

  • Pass the First Time: 95% of our clients have passed their first-time test after taking lessons with us.
  • Personal Attention: We take a personal interest in our student’s success. Our instructors are there to help them succeed, to enjoy their lessons without stress.
  • Great Instruction: Our instructors are experienced, patient and understanding. Our Driving school instructors encourage a stress free driving lesson/ learning atmosphere which allows our driving learners to make progress quicker and without pressure.
  • Door to Door Service : Our driving instructors don’t need you to come to your driving lesson but we provide a door to door service for your driving lessons.
  • Driving Skills: Learn advanced driving skills that will keep you safe throughout your driving life.

Driving Lessons and Employment

We Cover All Routes in Cork City, including:

  • Sarsfield Road-Wilton Driving Test Centre
  • Ballincollig

When you are taking driving lessons, you will be taken through your local route numerous times — so that you’ll know it like the back of your hand. So that by the time your test comes up, it’ll come naturally to you!